Our Research

Molecular Pathology – a tool for Cancer diagnosis

Our researchers are focused on understanding that molecular alterations are important in the development and progression of cancer, and in determining how the disease responds to treatment. The goal is to translate advances in the molecular characterization of tumors into approaches to successfully implement personalized cancer treatment.

Our team is investigating a number of tumor types, including breast prostate, pediatric, skin and blood cancers. Researchers are comprehensively characterizing the molecular features of cancer, and aim to establish new molecular diagnostics and novel molecular therapeutic targets in cancer.

Our researchers have successfully developed specialized medicine strategies for blood cancers – myelomas, leukemias and lymphomas. They are now looking to do the same for breast and pediatric cancers, along with rarer cancers, such as soft-tissue sarcomas for which few treatments are available.

Our team is also examining changes in the cancer epigenome to provide understanding of tumor development and response to treatment; and using deep sequencing technologies to identify specific molecular alterations that lead to drug resistance not only in individual tumors, but in specific metastatic sites.