Our Research

Diabetes – Diet and Inflammation

dietThe aim of this project is to investigate inflammation as a key mechanism leading from risk factors to incident type 2 diabetes. More specifically, the role of inflammation as an intermediate or modifying factor with regard to novel biomarkers and the following life-style risk factors is examined: dietary habits, vitamins and vitamin supplement use, physical activity. Additionally, it is investigated whether genetic variants modify classical and novel risk factor – type 2 diabetes associations.
The specific aims of the project are

  • to investigate associations between dietary supplement use, individual supplement constituents and incident type 2 diabetes
  • to investigate associations between dietary patterns and inflammation as well as incident type 2 diabetes
  • to examine circulating vitamin D as a risk factor for type 2 diabetes (and early derangements in glucose metabolism) and the role of inflammation
  • to identify novel genetic markers associated with inflammation and type 2 diabetes and to investigate their interaction with life-style factors